Bauchi (IP): The Academic Forum in Nigeria, Bauchi, organized "Imam Khomeini's Week" to introduce the life and achievement of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

Iran Press/Africa: The Academic Forum is one of the Muslim students organization studying at various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. They organized "Imam Khomeini Week", and in this year's programs, many Islamic scholars and intellectuals have delivered lectures about the life and achievements of late Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the program, Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Yashi delivered the lecture in Bauchi State, North East Nigeria.

One of the participants singing the song of Imam Khomeini. The song in Hausa language is saying "O Allah the Almighty, have mercy upon Imam Khomeini, and take him to where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is."


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