Tehran (IP) - The Vice President for Science and Technology of Iran announced that the contribution of the knowledge-based economy in Iran's GDP has increased.

Iran PressIran News: Sorena Sattari said on Saturday: "The contribution of the knowledge-based economy in the country's GDP is growing up to 60% annually."

Sattari, on the sidelines of the ceremony to visit the achievements of Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, added: "The sales of the country's knowledge-based products and services have reached more than 200,000 billion tomans, and their export value is one billion dollars."

He also said: "We hope that this rapid growth in the field of technology will continue."

During his visit to Isfahan on Saturday, Sattari visited several companies located in the Industrial town and inaugurated the development plan of the Central Laboratory of the University of Isfahan.

Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, as the first founding organization of growth centers and science and technology parks in the country, started its executive activity in 2001 to support and guide knowledge-based companies and institutions, and now more than 580 knowledge-based companies and technology units employed more than 7,800 university-educated students.