Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement declared victory in its 10-day-long struggle against the Israeli regime’s attack on the Gaza Strip, calling the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the big loser of the confrontation.

Iran Press/Middle East: A Hamas official said the declaration of a truce was a defeat for Netanyahu and “a victory to the Palestinian people.”

Ali Barakeh, a member of Hamas’ Arab and Islamic relations bureau, told The Associated Press that the movement will remain on alert until they hear from mediators. Once Hamas hears from mediators, the group’s leadership will hold discussions and make an announcement, he said.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the ceasefire after a late-night meeting of his Security Cabinet. 

Senior Israeli military officials, including the military chief of staff and national security adviser, recommended accepting an Egyptian proposal.

Earlier, another senior Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement official said in an interview Thursday that the movement has no shortage of missiles.

Osama Hamdan said the group could continue bombarding Israel for months if it chose to do so.