President of the Iranology Foundation, Seyyed Mohammad Khamenei

Tehran(IP): President of the Iranology Foundation, in a message, considered Introducing the Iranian culture as a significant factor leading to raising knowledge and the spirit of independence.

Iran PressIran news: President of the Iranology Foundation, Seyyed Mohammad Khamenei, said that introducing and recognizing Iran is very important for Iranians, because in addition to helping to understand individual and national identities better, it raises people's knowledge, helps the spirit of independence and a sense of defeating the enemies, and therefore It also has a political dimension.

Seyyed Mohammad Khamenei's message on Tuesday at the International Conference on Iran and Global Civilization in Tehran states that the enemies of Iran, knowing the cultural and historical greatness of Iran, did their best to hide important parts of it or introduce it through incomplete and meaningless forms. Still, they know very well that the Iranian nation has always fought and emerged victorious with the greatest power of time throughout history.

The message states that ancient historians have considered the people of Iran to be great, with national and historical dignity, brave, capable to defeat enemies, independent, moral, and a guardian of the family, in which women have been respected their privacy and considered veil (Islamic Code of dressing) for them.

The head of the Iranian Studies Foundation emphasized that the Iranian nation has accepted Islam wholeheartedly earlier than other nations and has spread Islamic civilization and preserved the heritage of Islam in the form of Shiism.

In the message of the President of the Iranology Foundation, it is emphasized that after Islam, science, wisdom, and ethics developed into two wings and promoted and spread all kinds of knowledge all over the world, including in the east and the west today owes it to Iranian scientists.


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