Iran‘s national orchestra performed in Ganja city, Republic of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Iran’s cultural week.

 Iran‘s national orchestra performed various Persian and Azeri music pieces in the city of Ganja.

A repertoire of pieces from Iranian composers such as Aref Qazvini, Nasrollah Zarrinpanjeh, Ali Tajvidi, Babak Zarrin and Hossein Dehlavi  was performed during concerts. 

“Airiliq” (“Separation”), a piece by Iranian Azarbaijani composer Ali Salimi, was one of the highlights of the repertoire.

The National Orchestra and a selection of musicians from the Tehran Symphony Orchestra have been in Russia over the past week, performing three concerts in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan.  

Iran’s cultural week in the Republic of Azerbaijan started on June 27 , with many programs held in the main cities of  Baku and Ganja.