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Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Energy said that the opening of the new National Electricity Dispatching Center of Iran would have an important role in exchanging energy with neighbors.

Iran PressIran news: Reza Ardakanian, in the ceremony of the sixth week of the A-B-Iran program (the acronyms A and B stand for water and electricity in Persian) in Abhar, stressed the importance of opening a new national electricity dispatching center, adding that since Iran was located at the crossroads of electricity exchange in the region, this center would play an important role in energy exchange with neighboring countries.

The Iranian Minister of Energy also clarified that today the improvement of the electricity network of 560 villages in 25 provinces of Iran was put into operation. By the end of the year, the electricity network of 10,000 villages would improve.

Ardakanian announced the opening of 30 utility industry projects in the form of a weekly scan of Iran from the beginning of this year, noting that a total of 7,615 billion tomans had been spent to open these projects.

The Iranian Minister of Energy also considered the development of solar generators for nomads as an important step towards improving this group's standard of living and education.

The Advanced National Dispatching center was inaugurated on Tuesday in Reza Ardakanian, the Minister of Energy of Iran, with an investment of 1144 billion Tomans. Monitoring and controlling all power plants and transmission stations of the national network are done directly by the national dispatching center.


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