Iranian envoy:

Baghdad (IP): Iran's ambassador to Iraq said that Iran was welcoming the new approach formed in the regional countries to resolve the disputes and tensions.

Iran PressMiddle East: Addressing the local correspondents in the cultural ceremony to support the International Quds Day held thanks to some Iraqi groups' coordination, Iraj Masjedi added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been the supporter and promulgator of peace and friendship. Hence, we welcome any resolution of differences especially with the Islamic and neighboring countries in the regional level."

He elaborated further: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in expanding ties with the Islamic and regional states so that there will be no dispute and tension in the region."

Masjedi Highlighted: "We welcome the fact that Iraq could play the constructive and positive role in this regard and we also encourage it."

Commemorating the International Quds Day, Masjedi said: "As the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini had said before, the day would belong to all of the Muslims of the world, and the Zionists' domination over the holy lands would never lead to their legitimacy.


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