US State Department spokesman:

US State Department spokesman has criticized the Trump administration's approach to a better deal with Iran, saying the so-called "Maximum Pressure Campaign" was a failed experiment.

Iran Press/America: Indirect talks on a new nuclear deal between the United States and Iran have been positive, but the “road ahead remains long,” Ned Price said Tuesday.

“The road ahead remains long. There will be difficult moments, and … we certainly have a ways to go,” he said.

Price said US envoy Rob Malley has been exploring concrete approaches on steps that both Iran and the United States need to take to return to compliance with the 2015 deal.

"We probably have more road ahead of us than we do behind us at this stage," Price told a regular news briefing.

Price said the talks have been “business-like and positive” so far, adding that there has been “some progress.”

Price also hit out at the Trump administration’s Maximum Pressure Campaign calling it a failed experiment. “Look at the results of that campaign compared to what it was supposed to deliver,” he said. “They got nowhere to a better deal. In fact, Iran accelerated its nuclear program and enacted measures that would have been prohibited under the JCPOA,” he argued.

"Negotiations are difficult because they are indirect," Price said. However, we have said that even if the negotiations go well, it will not be easy and fast.

"I will not comment about something that has anything to do with us," Price said in response to reports that some in Iran had said that if Tehran stopped 20 percent enrichment, $ 20 billion to $ 50 billion from its blocked resources would be released.

Price said the US and Iran have a common goal of restoring the deal, but the US will not make concessions without being certain that Iran will return to full compliance.

He continued: "The most strict monitoring regime and approval of Iran's activities can never be negotiated." The goal of all our allies and those who negotiated face to face in the form of the P5 + 1 is that Iran should never acquire a nuclear weapon.

The State Department spokesman added: "This is exactly the goal of the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (JCPOA), and that is precisely why the proposal for action versus action is on the table."

Asked if the United States still endorsed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's 12 conditions for Iran, Price said Pompeo's 12 conditions were part of the Maximum Pressure Campaign.

He added: "This campaign was supposed to reach a better, stronger, and longer agreement with Iran, it was supposed to weaken Iran's proxy forces and it was supposed to bring us together with our allies and partners around the world. But in all these cases, the opposite result was obtained."

"They never came close to a better deal, but on the contrary, Iran accelerated its nuclear program and took steps that were prohibited under the JCPOA," he acknowledged.