Envoy: Tehran agrees with Baghdad's mediation to de-escalate regional tension

Baghdad (IP) - The Iranian ambassador to Iraq said that Iran supports Baghdad's mediation to bring Tehran closer to the countries with which it has faced challenges.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iran supports the development of Iraq's relations with the Arab world," the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi was quoted as saying by Iran Press on Tuesday.

"Iran welcomes and supports any move that leads to the development of relations, cooperation, and closeness between Iraq and the Arab countries, neighbors, and the region," he added.

"Referring to the fact that Iran's presence in Iraq is in the interest of Iraq and the region, and the armed forces in Iraq and the region alone can provide security," Masjedi further elaborated.

"The Iraqi parliament's 2020 resolution on the expulsion of foreign troops from Iraq is a demand from the Iraqi government for the absence of foreign troops, and the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that this parliamentary resolution should be implemented.

Regarding the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the forthcoming and early elections in Iraq, the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq said: "Iran respects the vote and opinion of the Iraqi people and welcomes the government elected by the parliament by the legal procedure and is supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Regarding Iran's energy exports to Iraq as the summer season is approaching and the payment of Iran's claims, the Iranian ambassador to Iraq also said: "Iran's electricity and gas exports to Iraq will continue because it helps the Iraqi people and we expect Iraqi friends to pay Iran's claims better and faster."


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