Tehran (IP) - A member of the Commission of National Security and Foreign Policy of Parliament of Iran in a meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran said that the borders of Iran and Iraq were of great importance due to their great economic potential.

Iran Press/Iran news: A member of the Commission of National Security and Foreign Policy of the Parliament of Iran Fada Hossein Maleki, met with the Iraqi Ambassador to Iran, Nasir Abdul Mohsen Abdullah in Tehran on Wednesday to discuss bilateral relations and border issues.

Referring to the commonalities and historical, religious, social, cultural, and commercial interests of the two nations and the existing economic capacities of the two countries, Maleki said: "Tehran and Baghdad have high capabilities to strengthen cooperation in various fields, including the development of railways, establishing border markets, as well as exporting and importing agricultural goods and products.

Nasir Abdul Mohsen Abdullah, emphasizing the development of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields, especially trade relations, noted: "Iraq has the highest and most historical and cultural commonalities with Iran throughout history, and in the last two decades, while expanding these commonalities, has increased its economic trade with Iran."


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