Tabriz (IP) – Alisha Citadel is one of the important historical symbols of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Alisha Citadel is one of the tallest historical walls in Iran and is located in downtown Tabriz.

It was built about 700 years ago and is one of the unique historical monuments of Tabriz.

This unique historical complex was originally built as a huge mosque, which was largely destroyed for various reasons, including earthquakes and wars, and now only the remaining part of it is a high wall called Alisha Citadel.

It was registered as a symbol of Tabriz's authority on January 6, 1932, with registration number 170 as Iran's national monument.

Along with Tabriz's other scenic and tourist attractions, this citadel is of interest to historians and tourists.


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