Iranian Parliament speaker

Tehran (IP)- The Iranian Parliament Speaker said economic issues and the neutralizing sanctions would be two important priorities of the Iranian New Year's parliament.

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf stated on Monday that mismanagement and conflict of interest were among the causes of economic problems, noting that the COVID-19 and sanctions had added to the country's these problems in recent years.

He pointed out that a bill to change the issuing business and production permissions were being drafted by the Special Commission on Production Surge and announced that the commission would finalize it soon.

Based on the research work, scientific studies, and commissions' works in the parliament, two important priorities were identified: focusing on economic issues and neutralizing sanctions, Ghalibaf noted.

He added that these two matters would be the main criterion of the parliament's action, and the performance report would be presented to the people in a transparent manner.


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