Brazil's Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that after 1,987 new fatalities registered, the total death toll from the COVID-19 in the country has surpassed 330,000.

Iran PressAmerica: 43,515 new cases were also registered, bringing the national count to 12,953,597.

Brazil is currently the global epicenter of COVID-19, ranking second in terms of deaths and cases worldwide, after the United States.

Brazil has been experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 since January, which has in recent weeks overwhelmed the healthcare systems in most of the 27 states of the country.

As of Friday, Brazil has vaccinated over 24 million people against COVID-19. Among them, 18.8 million, or 8.9 percent of the population, received the first dose, and 5.2 million, or 2.49 percent, received both doses. 


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