Pres. Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said that if the United States returns to its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) commitments Iran will also come back to its obligations the same day.

Iran Press/Iran News: During the cabinet session on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani referred to the anniversary of the Islamic Republic Day on April 1st, saying: "Imam Khomeini taught a great lesson to everyone which was that people are the decision-makers in this country. It is the people who choose the system for themselves. A system in which one pillar is the republic and democracy, the other one is the standards of Islam, and the third pillar is Iran."

Iranian President added: "The government of the country is in the hands of the people, and it is the people who elect the highest officials of the country and its government with their votes."

Talking about the COVID-19 vaccination, President Rouhani said: "Why should an Iranian go to another country to get the vaccine? We have no problem in this area and from next Saturday, and private sector can import the vaccine." 

“To date, The United States is 100% to blame for the sanctions,” President Rouhani said referring to the US illegal sanctions.

He noted: "The new US administration has not taken any serious action so far, of course, he (Biden) said that the maximum pressure has failed and the path of the previous US administration is wrong, but in practice they did nothing."

Referring to the new US administration, he added: "If you agree that Trump's actions against Iran were terrorism, then why do you follow his path?”


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