Tehran (IP) - The director general of Iran's Customs announced that the country's annual trade value was $ 73 billion.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Last year, a total of 145.7 million tons of goods worth $ 73 billion were exported and imported," said the Director-General of Iran's Customs Mehdi Mirashrafi.

Noting that 112 million tons of goods were exported from Iran last year, Mirashrafi announced the value of exports at a total of 34 billion and 256 million dollars.

Iran's most important exported items were gasoline, natural gas, polyethylene, propane, and pistachio, respectively, and the main export markets were China, Iraq, the UAE, Turkey, and Afghanistan, Mirashrafi added.

The director general of Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say: "Pistachio exports are estimated as the fifth largest export figure in the country with a value of one billion and 200 million dollars."


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