Moscow and Beijing have called for a UN Security Council meeting to address the West's destructive actions.

Iran Press/ Asia: Russia and China have called on the UN Security Council to hold a meeting to discuss US actions and political positions.

According to Reuters, Moscow and Beijing have called for the presence of permanent members of the Security Council to address the heightened political turbulence created by the United States.

"Moscow and Beijing believe that the United States is acting in a destructive way," Russia said.

Russia and China, whose relations with the West are under increasing strain, made the call for a summit in a joint statement after talks between their foreign ministers in the city of Guilin.

Russia has long stressed the need for such a meeting.

The joint statement did not name the United States directly, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters after consulting with his Chinese counterpart that both sides were dissatisfied with the US approach and actions. 219