Zarif recalls Halabja tragedy, western backers

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister recalled the tragedy of Halabja chemical attacks in the Iraqi Kurdish region, those supplied Saddam's regime with chemical weapons, and the West's silence over the crime.

Iran PressIran news: In a Monday tweet, Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote: "March 16 is the 33rd anniversary of the chemical carnage in Halabja. Some care not to remember—those in the west who provided Saddam with the deadly chemicals."

" Over 5,000 innocent civilians were gassed to death. Still, want to talk about 'malign regional behavior'? Shameless," he added.

The Halabja attack was part of the Al-Anfal Campaign in northern Iraq. The attack has been recognized as a distinct event of genocide conducted against the Kurdish people by the Saddam regime. 

The chemical bombing of Halabja was one of the most horrific and inhumane crimes committed by the Ba'athist regime in Iraq on March 15, 1988. Committing the crime against his own nation, Saddam aroused the surprise and hatred of the international community.


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