Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the National Task-force for combating Coronavirus on Saturday urged for paying more public attention to managing and controlling coronavirus, saying vaccination would yield results in long run.

Iran Press/Iran News: The spokesman for the National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus Alireza Raisi said that one of the concerns of the World Health Organization was the negligence of people to the management and control of coronavirus with the start of vaccination.

Explaining the latest situation of COVID19 in the world and in Iran on Saturday, Alireza Raisi stated that people and governments should continue to focus on managing and controlling coronavirus because the vaccination would be effective when 70% of the world’s population were vaccinated adding that it would take a long time for the vaccine to work.

"Apart from vaccination, health protocols must be followed properly, and the minds of people and governments must focus on managing and controlling COVID-19," Raisi said.

The health official also stated about the situation of COVID-19 in Iran and said that the disease spreading trend in almost all provinces of the country has been almost stable, but the circulation of the UK coronavirus has occurred in most provinces.

Raisi stated that the situation in Khuzestan province was different and the trend of coronavirus in this province has an upward slope, therefore in such circumstances when the number of patients was high, the mortality was high.

He emphasized that the people of Khuzestan province must follow the health protocols properly and fight the mutated Coronavirus vigorously.

Raisi added that defeating the UK coronavirus variant required strict adherence to health protocols and should be carefully monitored so that the situation in Khuzestan province was not repeated in other provinces.

He stated that in the northern provinces of Iran with good management, the trend of COVID- 19 is decreasing and strictly only the necessary trips were allowed.


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