A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand on Saturday.

Iran press/ Asia:  A major earthquake has struck off the coast of New Zealand, a day after three large earthquakes shook the country.

As the largest aftershock since Friday's 7.2-magnitude quake, this quake hit 140 km east of Te Araroa at 1:16 p.m. local time at a depth of 33 km. Thousands of local people reported they felt it.

The 6.1-magnitude quake struck 140km east of Te Araroa, off the North Island, at a depth of 33km on Saturday afternoon.

More than 1,000 felt the shake, most of whom reported weak tremors, according to GeoNet.

Residents took to social media to share their reports of the quake.

There have been a number of aftershocks since the Friday morning quakes, with most in the range of 4-5 magnitude. 219