The Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs announced that the Hague Tribunal on Iran-US Claims had ordered the US government to pay around $37 million to Tehran.

Iran Press/Europe: The Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs, which is responsible for managing and coordinating all international lawsuits of the government and government agencies, has issued a statement, saying: "The Iran-US Claims Tribunal in Hague has sentenced the US government to pay financial damages to Iran and to return some property belonging to the Iranian government and government agencies."

The statement said: "In this verdict, Iran complained that the US government, contrary to its obligations under Algiers Accords by enacting Treasury regulations on February 26, 1981, prohibited the transfer of part of Iranian property or delayed in this process."

According to the Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs, the complaint of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in this case, was brought before the Court in 1982, and in 1992 the Court first determined the principles and framework of US responsibility for obstructing the transfer of Iranian property. 

Following this stage, the Court continued to consider the case in order to issue a final ruling on US violations and to determine the extent of Iran's damage and invited the parties to exchange bills. This round of exchange of bills ended in 2011 and the hearings of the Court was held in a period of 47 days from October 7, 2013, to December 19, 2014.

The statement said: "After hearings, the tribunal issued its final verdict in late March 2020 condemning the United States for not transferring or delaying the transfer of Iran’s property. Under the verdict, the US government was ordered to pay approximately $ 29 million to Iran."

The United States has also been ordered to return some of the properties of Iran which have historical value. In this case, the Court set a time limit so that if the United States did not repay the property after it expired, an amount of approximately $ 8 million would be added to the above sentence, bringing the total sentence to about $ 37 million.

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