Iranian President in a meeting with bank managers at the 57th annual convention of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran has insisted on the transparency of banks and financial institutions.

President Rouhani urged banks and financial institutions to exercise utmost transparency in their dealings in order to improve the global view on Iran’s monetary system.

“We have presented three bills to the Parliament on combating money laundering, and made amendments to the country’s current Law of Combating the Financing of Terrorism,” Rouhani added.

“the adoption of these bills will help improve the global view on Iran’s domestic banks and monetary system”, the President said.

"We have progressed in all economic indices and the role of banks in industry, agriculture and service is pivotal", Rouhani concluded.

"People's hope, confidence in controlling inflation the basis of economic stability, investment/After 26 years of inflation we have reached single-digit inflation rate; I demand that the Central Bank continue this path", Iranian President added.

The president described people's hope and confidence in controlling inflation as the basis for stability of the economy and investment, saying that some of the cancerous tumours are out of the banking system and the capital of the banks and their international connections have increased.

"With a great nation and enormous capital we will be able to overcome the problems", Rouhani emphasize.