Iran to produce domestic 'Razi COVPars' vaccine

Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran Medical Science University reported plans for producing and supplying the homemade 'Razi COVPars' vaccine.

Iran Press/Iran News: Jalil Koohpayezade said the 'Razi COVPars' vaccine would enter the market in a scientific and standardized way by the next (Iranian) year's mid-summer. 

Koohpayezade said the first and second phases of the human-test of the vaccine took four months and with the third phase ended, it would be scientifically verified.

In the animal-phase test, the new high-tech vaccine gained significant success which was even above the researchers' expectations. 

The made-in-Iran anti-COVID vaccine 'Razi COVPars' is the first injective-nasal vaccine of the coronavirus recombinant protein, which was unveiled on Monday at Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, based in Karaj. 

The institute developed the vaccine according to the WHO's procedures and used the method of recombinant protein vaccine, which is of the safest vaccines. 

The first phase of human-injection of Iran's first clinical COVID vaccine 'COVIran Barakat' was initiated on three persons on December 29, 2020.

The success of Iranian specialists and doctors in producing the corona vaccine has been praised by the media and medical circles around the world.


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