Tehran (IP) - In his pre-agenda speech, the Islamic Consultative Assembly speaker said the parliament has been seeking to solve the people's problems by interacting with the government.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf stated that the country's entire budget inherited decades of governments' economic performance.

He noted that the New Year's budget bill has more serious problems than previous years' bills and could endanger people's livelihoods.

He pointed out that the Integration Commission had made important reforms in favor of the people in this budget, but in the end, the government is the executor of the budget.

Ghalibaf added: "The MPs decided to leave the bill's amendments to the government, and the parliament just makes the necessary changes as a result of this process and consultations."

The government took a step in favor of the people, and the parliament took several steps so that the disputes would not prevent the people from solving their problems. Of course, this budget is not desirable for the parliament, but maximum amendments have been applied.

He added that MPs would make the final decisions in the budget review sessions.

Regarding the Sisakht earthquake, Ghalibaf called on the government to work with the executive apparatus to rebuild and solve the people's problems.


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