Iraqi security forces clash with the Islamic State group north of Baghdad, leaving at least five ISIL (Daesh) terrorists and two security personnel dead.

Iran PressMiddle East: A joint force of army troops and state-sponsored tribal fighters raided an ISIL hideout in the leafy plains of Tarmiyah, according to a statement from the military.

"We had learned that ISIL was holding a meeting there to plan for attacks on the capital Baghdad," Ahmad Salim, head of the Baghdad Operations Command, says near the site of the fighting.

Ensuing clashes kill five ISIL fighters and two tribal pro-government forces, the military statement says.

The new raid comes nearly one month to the day after twin suicide bombers killed more than 30 people in the packed Tayaran Square, the bloodiest such attack in Baghdad in three years.

Security sources said the two terrorists had infiltrated the city from the north.