Addressing the Munich Security Conference, US President says his administration will have to work to earn back the trust of its allies.

Iran Press/America: Joe Biden has pledged “unshakable” US support for the transatlantic alliance in what he portrayed as an epoch-defining struggle to safeguard democracy.

Joe Biden has told European leaders the US wants to “earn back our position of trusted leadership”, using his first international speech as president to renew America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance after four years of isolationism under Donald Trump.

As US media reported, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization while apologizing to European leaders for the last four years under Donald Trump.

That apology came with the Biden administration returning the US to the Paris climate accord, another reversal of Trump-era policies of the past four years.

The speech marked a clean break with the Trump presidency which scrambled America’s traditional alliances and placed relationships with the EU under unprecedented strain. 219