News sources reported the first telephone conversation between the US President and his Chinese counterpart.

Iran Press/America: Today (Thursday), US President Joe Biden discussed some mutual issues in his first telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

During the conversation, Biden spoke of US concerns about human rights abuses in China, while Xi Jinping warned of 'global economic conflict'.

Biden had previously promised to take a hard line on China and to act against the policies implemented by the former US President Barack Obama, who believed that China should engage in global diplomacy and reap its economic benefits.

However, Chinese media reported that the conversation was more focused on "more cooperation between the United States and China."

The Global Times described Thursday's conversation between the two Presidents of China and the US as a sign of Biden's kindness and respect for Beijing.

The conversation was held as Biden recently formed a task force at the Pentagon to address China's challenges. 219