Protesters against the corruption of the Israeli Prime Minister announced that they will rally outside the courtroom in occupied al-Quds on Monday (tomorrow) while Netanyahu is on trial.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Crime Minister movement, which is the leading movement in the protest again the Israeli Prime Minister, in a statement, said: "The protesters will wear red clothes and a sign that reads: 'Cleanse from corruption.'

The protest is scheduled to begin at 7 am local time in the occupied territories.

Netanyahu's trial began last year and is set to resume this week.

The Occupied Territories have seen frequent protests against Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption in recent months, as well as his poor performance against the Coronavirus.

Netanyahu has been involved in four corruption cases in recent months; cases are known in the media as "Case 1000", "Case 2000", "Case 3000" and "Case 4000".

Netanyahu is not the first Israeli official to face criminal investigation and interrogation. Moral and financial corruption is common among Israeli officials. 219