Tehran (IP) - Iranian Health Minister said that Iran would produce one of the best coronavirus vaccines worldwide in the near future.

Iran Press/Iran News: Delivering a speech at the Razi Institute COV-Pars vaccine's unveiling ceremony, Saeed Namaki stated that Iran could manage the COVID-19 crisis like other crises wisely and based on its previous experiences.

He added that Iran was passing calm days.

"Creating COVID-19 vaccine is complicated like its virus, and no one can predict to what extent it will provide immunity to the people, but it is the only way," he noted.

Namaki highlighted that Iran had used three ways to provide vaccine: First, relying on indigenous knowledge; Second, benefiting knowledge of more friendly countries (like Cuba and Russia); Third, importing vaccine through secure sources.

In Iran, various groups (like Barekat, as one of the most successful ones) started working on the COVID vaccine, he added.

"COVAX vaccine will not be enough for us, so we followed other sources for importing vaccine, like Russia," the minister said.

"Vaccination in Iran begins on Tuesday morning as we promised before," he announced.

Iran’s Agriculture Jihad Minister, Kazem Khavazi, also stated that Razi Institute was the oldest center to produce vaccines.

He highlighted that the present vaccine was based on a new protein combination, which was used in most companies worldwide.

A powerful team of chemists and doctors are working hard through WHO‘s (World Health Organization) principles, Khavazi pointed.

He said this vaccine had been injected and tested on more than 500 animals for several months.


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