Baghdad (IP) - Iraqi sources reported on Thursday that an explosion was heard in the east of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Iran Press/Middle East: Saberin News telegram channel affiliated with the Iraqi resistance forces, confirmed that blast and reported that the explosion happened near al-Mashtal in eastern Baghdad.

The source provided no further information about the potential death toll and number of those who might have been injured as well as the agents of the explosion. 

It is the third blast in the week passed.

An explosive package went off on Sunday near a shop in western Baghdad. 

Last Thursday two suicide bombings rocked Al-Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, killing 32 people and wounding more than 110 others.

Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Since its invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US has deployed its troop in the country under the pretext of fighting terrorism. 


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