Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said on Tuesday that Iran's administration has minimized the consequences of the economic war and neutralized the effects of sanctions as much as possible.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board meeting on Tuesday Hassan Rouhani said after presenting the report of the head of the Program and Budget Organization: “Aimed at calming the country's market and economy by planning to pave the way for stability in the field of development and people's livelihood this year, the government has minimized the consequences of the economic war and neutralized the effects of sanctions as much as possible."

He added: "In the budget of 1400, the government has taken care not to spend the money of the poor for the benefit of special institutions."

Rouhani explained further that the government has prepared and presented next year's budget to the parliament, considering the promising horizon ahead, laying rails in the micro and macro sectors of the country's economy with the aim of having a positive impact on people's livelihoods and lives.

The President noted: "Undoubtedly, the government is opposed to any change that would cause the increase in the price of goods needed by the people and the concern of public opinion and has inflationary effects and adverse consequences on the lives and livelihoods of the people and reduces the value of the national currency."

The President emphasized: "Speeches that signal a rise in prices to the market next year will immediately and directly increase the pressure on the low-income groups, and in a situation where all factors show a declining trend in inflation no fuel should be added to the inflammatory inflation."

Rouhani said: "The government while announcing its readiness to interact and cooperate with the parliament, considers it its duty not to accept the change in the budget structure based on operational and objective knowledge of the needs and requirements of the society's economy, as well as living and development requirements of the country."

According to the report, the head of the Planning and Budget Organization presented an expert report on the changes made in the Joint Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in the budget bill of 1400 and the effects of increasing budget figures on people's livelihoods and its inflationary effects on essential goods. According to this report, the budgets of some centers and institutions have been significantly increased in Table 17 from the sources resulting from the increase in the exchange rate of basic commodities.


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