The Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna tweeted on Sunday that Moscow would never change its policy under sanctions imposed by the West.

Iran Press/Europe: Mikhail Ulyanov in his latest tweet released on Sunday warned that “the strategic mistake of our Western partners is that they seriously believe that sanctions can change our policy on issues that are fundamentally important for Russia.”

He underlined: "They judge by themselves and are deeply mistaken.”

Ulyanov’s words came on Sunday in response to the new Christian Democrat leader's insistence on continuing sanctions on Russia.

He added: "They (Western leaders) judge Russia according to their characteristics, and thus they make a big mistake and go astray."

The new leader of the German Christian Democrats (CDU), Armin Laschet, recently stated that there was no reason to lift the anti-Russian sanctions and that further progress should be made in implementing the Minsk agreement (to resolve the Ukraine crisis).

Laschet has said that there are new cases of hostility from the eastern regions of Ukraine (the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk) in which Russia has the upper hand.

The leader of the German Christian Democrats noted that the main part of the sanctions on Russia was imposed due to the occupation of the Crimean region.

The European Union, of which Germany is a member, has imposed several sanctions packages on Crimea since 2014, following the outbreak of events in eastern Ukraine and the secession of Crimea and annexation by Russia.


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