The Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery in Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran, was inaugurated as the largest gas hub in the West Asian region amid the US sanctions imposed on Iran and with the knowledge of Iranian experts.

Iran Presscommentary: The Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery, as one of the largest gas refineries in the Middle East, was inaugurated on Thursday by the order of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

It aims to increase sweet gas production as an alternative fuel to reduce consumption of oil products in the provinces of Khuzestan, Bushehr, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, and create jobs contributing to other petrochemical plants.

Operation of the Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery with full capacity will bring 700 million dollars a year.

The Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery was recognized as the third-largest super project in the world in 2020 and has a record of accident-free work in the history of Iran's oil industry. This super project and the symbol of Iran's national power has a daily processing capacity of more than 56 million cubic meters and has been launched with an investment of three billion and four hundred million dollars.

The strategic importance of the complete inauguration of the Bid Boland Gas Refinery project is multifaceted and in addition to meeting domestic needs in the gas and petrochemical sectors, it plays an important role in preserving the environment. The activity of this global super-project is significantly related to people's livelihood.

The Minister of Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bijan Zangeneh, stated that the Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery is one of the largest petrochemical feed supply projects.

Zangeneh added that by March 2023, no gas would be flared in Iran and more than 95% of the collected associated gases will be consumed.

Announcing that the 3200 NGL project would come online next calendar year, he said, by exploiting it, all the gases of the West Karun region will be sent to Bandar Imam after collection and processing.

The Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery has made the 110-year-old dream of Iran's oil industry a reality despite US maximum pressure policy.

The inauguration of the Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery has once again proved that US pressure and sanctions do not work against the Iranian will and knowledge and that the slogan which reads “We Can" is still Iran's most important component.

Energy, along with other components, is a source of national power, and today Iran is one of the most effective powers regarding energy in the region and the world. Iran is the world's largest gas source with 32,000 billion cubic meters of gas. 

According to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, the world needs Iranian oil and gas, and the Islamic Republic can be the hub of the region in the production and export of electricity and gas.

The inauguration of the Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Refinery, in addition to showing the failure of US sanctions and maximum pressure, demonstrates Iran's national strength and resistance, and today the country stands proud in almost important and strategic areas, relying on national power facing with all pressures.


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