The spokesman for Iran's judiciary , Gholam Hossein Mohseni Eje'i , emphasized on Friday that America's acts of arm-twisting and bullying tactics will not go unanswered.

Speaking to reporters and journalists as he took part in International Quds Day rallies in Tehran, Judiciary spokesman Mohseni Eje'i warned the Americans not to think that they can get away with bullying and arm-twisting.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mohseni Eje'i said:  "World Quds Day rallies and demonstrations is an announcement by all Muslims of this world that they are united, and it should be seen as a warning to the United States that they cannot get away with bullying and coercion. The United States must not think that its bullying and strong-arm tactics will go unanswered."

He added:  "World public will remember U.S. actions, and God willing, this nation will get even with the United States in this world, and the Lord Most High will hold the bullying and criminal U.S. into account, on the Day of Judgement."

He pointedly added:  "The peoples of the world will settle their score with the U.S. in this world, and the Almighty will give them their just punishment on the  Day of Judgement." 

Millions of Iranians took part in massive World Quds Day rallies and demonstrations throughout the length and breadth of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Friday.  Rallies and marches in support of Palestinians, and in condemnation of the Israeli regime,  were held in cities across the world, in all continents, this year as in previous years, on the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadhan.