Tehran (IP)- Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, stating that Iran's strategy is lasting peace in the region, said that the country is ready to connect Khaf-Herat to Mazare-Sharif in Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran News: At the opening ceremony of the training course for Afghan railway staff on Tuesday evening, Mohammad Eslami said: Peace and security in the region and neighboring countries is in fact the peace and security of Iran.

He stressed: "Any disturbance around us is for all of us and at the same time the progress of neighboring countries is tied to the development and progress of Iran."

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran said: "One of the sustainable strategies of Iran is to make extensive efforts to have lasting peace in the region and to prevent foreigners from interfering in the fate of nations."

Eslami said: "Apart from the presence of Afghan railway staff, we hope that businessmen and economic activists will put the use of the existing line and the existing transit route (Khaf-Herat) on the agenda as soon as possible so that this investment can be used well."

Eslami continued: "We hope that the Khaf-Herat railway will be connected to Mazare-Sharif. Of course, we informed Afghanistan about the conditions under which the project can be implemented with strong organization, and then reach Kandahar, Kabul, and the southern and eastern borders of Afghanistan."


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