Minister of Economy urges security for investment in private sector

Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: "We must seek to create security for investment and the private sector in the implementation of communicative policies and laws of the parliament."

Iran PressIran news: 'Farhad Dejpsand' today (Tuesday) in the open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly responding lawmaker's questions said: "Iran's economy is facing a fundamental and structural challenge regarding the bulky structure of the government."

According to him, the size of the government, as it prevents the proper and optimal allocation of resources, will have direct and rapid effects on the efficiency of the economy.

Dejpsand continued: "Since the 1980s, the late Imam Khomeini (RH) emphasized on handing over affairs to the people, and since 1984, with the announcement of the policies of Article 44 of the Constitution by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, these emphases have increased day by day."

He reminded: "The Leader of the Revolution, after five years of this communiqué, re-emphasized it because this is one of the basic priorities of the system."

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance emphasized: ‌"Privatization is a serious approach, privatization is not to finance the government but to improve the relationship between the government and the market in the economy and is an inevitable necessity."

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He said: "Especially when the Leader of the Revolution is in a position to promote and emphasize this issue, it is a religious obligation for us."

Dejpsand stated: "When we take a step in this direction, we should have only one concern and that is the accurate, correct, healthy and without violating the rules and regulations.

He added: "In this regard, we must recognize the challenges, have a pathology and be able to solve them."

"During my two years at the helm of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, one of my plans was to do serious pathology, repair injuries and problems such as the transfer method, pricing methods, and transparency of the transfer environment," he said.


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