Iran's envoy:

Cairo (IP) - Head of the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Cairo said making rift and enmity between Iran and the Arab world is an Israel and American policy.

Iran PressAfrica: Reacting to anti-Iranian remarks by a former Egyptian diplomat, Nasser Kanani said on Sunday that Iranians and Arabs have a long history of civilizational, cultural, and even linguistic interactions and exchanges.

He stated that Iran has never had an inherent conflict with the Arab world.

Kanani highlighted that the Israeli regime, whose nature of creation is based on enmity with the Islamic world and Arabs, has never been and will never be a friend of the Arab world.

He stressed that the religion of Islam had been a great factor in strengthening the ethnic ties between Iranians and Arabs, and this connection has been a prominent factor in the flourishing and expansion of Islamic civilization over Western civilization for centuries.

He pointed out that over the past four decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that it is always striving for regional partnership and cooperation with its neighbors and considers the security of its border and regional neighbors as its own security, as it has played the strongest role in recent years against the terrorism of ISIS and Takfiri, which could be a devastating threat to all countries in the region.

Mustafa al-Faqi, the former ambassador and director of the Alexandria Library in Egypt, had called the Islamic Republic of Iran an enemy of the Arab world in an interview with Egypt's MBC television channel.


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