Tehran (IP) - The Presiding Board of the Parliament spokesman stated that the next Iran year's budget is highly dependent on oil, and revenues are optimistic.

Iran PressIran News: In response to the Iran Press question on whether the national budget bill for next Iranian year budget (starting on March 2021) is in line with revenues and are based on optimism, minimum dependence on oil, and structural reforms, Mohammad Hossein Farhangi said: "No", explaining that it is highly dependent on oil and the costs that have been set are inevitable.

"If the revenues are not realized, the country will face many problems," he added.

Farhangi noted that there were different points of views among MPs on whether the bills would be approved in the parliament or not; for example, when the bill is rejected, it is referred to the government, and the government has two weeks to review it; but this time if any bill is rejected, it will be sent to the parliament directly to be discussed and evaluated instead of sending them to the commissions or settlement commission.

"If the parliament has approved the bill, it will be sent to the Budget Settlement Commission," he concluded.


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