ECO Cultural Institute on Yalda
The President of the ECO Cultural Institute, Sarvar Bakhti

Tehran (IP) - The President of the ECO Cultural Institute, said that one of ECO's important steps is to safeguard cultural heritage and extend peace among nations.

Iran PressIran News: "Withholding traditional ceremonies like Yalda, nations get more closely together, and more familiar with their ancestors and history," Sarvar Bakhti noted.

"The cultural heritage must be kept safe and should not be forgotten," he stated.

"Our message is peace and friendship," Bakhti highlighted.

Lauding the traditional and ceremonies, President of the ECO Cultural Institute stressed the ceremonies held annually have deep meaning and stem from the past.

'Yalda, Regional Solidarity' webinar was held at the FM ministry with the presence of Saeed Khateebzadeh Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sarvar Bakhti President of the ECO Cultural Institute, Head of Sa'adi Foundation Gholam-Ali Hadad- Adel, Afghan Ambassador to Tehran  Abdolghafor Lival, Tajikistan ambassador to Tehran Nezamodin Shamseddinzade-Zahedi and other ambassadors and officials on 19th Dec 2020.

The aim to hold the webinar was protecting the ancient 'Yalda night' ritual and explaining its role in the solidarity of the people of the region.


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