Yalda Night marked in Beijing

The capital of China, some 7,000 kilometers from Tehran, the capital of Iran, hosted a traditional Iranian ritual last night.

Iran Press/Asia: Yalda Night or D?ngzhì in Chinese culture was held in Beijing last night by Iranian expatriates in China or Chinese Iran- lovers.

Traditional music and reading poems were among the performances at the event. The attendants also enjoyed a live performance of Setar, Tonbak, and Daf (Iranian traditional instruments) as well as entertaining programs, and poet recitations, Iran Press reported.

Iranian ambassador to Beijing as well as Iranian students, businessmen, and expatriates in China attended in the ceremony.

Iran’s Ambassador to China, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh stressed that the Persian language is a valuable asset possessed by the Iranians and recommended the participants to teach it to their children.

The ceremony was organized by the Iranian Students Society in China (ISSCN) and took place in China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum.

Also, an exhibition was held in the museum to display Iranian handicrafts, including the Persian carpet.

Yalda night (Shab-e Yalda or Shab-e Chelleh) is an Iranian festival is celebrated on the 'longest and darkest night of the year.'


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