The United States on Friday imposed fresh Venezuela-related sanctions targeting two people and a company, as Washington continues to up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro even as US President Donald Trump's term nears a close.

Iran PressAmerica: Washington blacklisted Ex-Cle Soluciones Biometricas C.A., Venezuelan Marcos Javier Machado Requena and Guillermo Carlos San Agustin, a national of both Argentina and Italy.

The US Treasury Department said the Venezuelan biometric technology company provided goods and services used by the Maduro government to hold parliamentary elections earlier this month.

The US move comes as Venezuela recently held a legitimate parliamentary election which was endorsed by international observers.


The United States, the European Union, and more than a dozen Latin American countries said last week they would not recognize the results of a parliamentary election in Venezuela on Dec. 6, which saw allies of Maduro win a majority.

Also targeted were two individuals the Treasury said acted for or on behalf of Ex-Cle Soluciones Biometricas C.A., targeting dual Argentine and Italian national Guillermo Carlos San Agustin and Venezuelan Marcos Javier Machado Requena.

The move freezes any US assets of the company and people and generally bars Americans from dealing with them.

The US interventionist policy in Venezuela has caused severe economic problems to the Venezuelan people, but all the evidence shows the failure of this policy and even Maduro's opponents criticize the US government

The United States supported the coup against Venezuela's legitimate government and did not refrain from piracy to seize the country's oil, money, and gold.

Maduro has accused the United States of trying to overthrow him to gain control over Venezuela's oil resources.