Nigerians protest to voice support for Sheikh Zakzaky

Nigerians took to the streets again on Monday in support of, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Iran PressAfrica: The Nigerian people held a demonstration in the capital Abuja, demanding the release of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Nigerians chanted slogans condemning the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife.

The demonstrators held placards and pictures of Sheikh Zakzaky in support of the leader of the Islamic Movement.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife were arrested on December 13, 2015, during a Nigerian military raid on a Husseiniyah in the town of Zaria.

On the day of Sheikh Zakzaky's arrest, Nigerian military forces opened fire on protesters in front of Husseiniyah and his home, killing hundreds of people, including Sheikh Zakzaky's three children.

After much effort and protests and domestic and international pressure, a Nigerian court in August 2019 allowed Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife to travel to India for treatment, but due to dissatisfaction with the treatment process, security restrictions, and the lack of trusted doctors, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife After two days in India, left for Nigeria.

Nigerian security forces transferred Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife to an unknown location after they arrived at Abuja Airport.

In recent months, Nigerians have repeatedly called for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky in various cities, but Nigerian security forces have cracked down on them.


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