Tehran (IP)- The head of Iran's judiciary said that the only way to disappoint the US from its arrogant policy is "to strengthen the country" as the Islamic Revolution Leader's main concern.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi, on the occasion of the 16th of Azar(December 7, 1953 (, in a meeting with representatives of student organizations, added that the US of 1953 has become much weaker today. The scandal that the Americans caused in the West today is a scandal that is not covered by anything, and this scandal is growing day by day.

The high-ranking official stated on Sunday, "In these circumstances, showing a desire to negotiate with the United States is a serious mistake and it is wrong to decorate the United States as a good and bad America."

The head of the judiciary noted: "There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats with regard to the tyranny and the arrogance, and the Islamic Republic has more power in the region than ever before."

Raisi stressed: "Today, considering our components, we are in a position of honor and authority, and this honor must be preserved."


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