Iran's Parliament open session kicks off

Tehran (IP) - Parliament Speaker at Wednesday public session said that in reviewing the budget for the next Iranian year, the Parliament will focus on the people-oriented economy and social justice as well as relieving livelihood problems.

Iran Press/Iran News: The speaker of Iran's Parliament said in the people's economy package, the Parliament intends to pay attention to the people's participation in the economy and the transfer of assets to individuals.

At the beginning of today's public session Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf referred to the bill on improving the budget structure and stated that in reviewing the budget for next Iranian year, the Parliament focuses on the people-oriented economy, social justice, downsizing the government, reducing dependence on oil, paying special attention to the lower and middle classes of society, eliminating discrimination, and relieving livelihood problems.

He added that what should happen in the long run is to reform the budget for the benefit of the people. A fair and popular budget and reducing dependence on oil can strengthen the economy. According to the bill proposed by the government, the parliament will try to implement some of the main points of the budget structure improvement and start the preparations for the final improvement from this year.

"What we really need to achieve in terms of revenues is non-reliance on oil, which has been one of the main points emphasized by the Leader in recent years. Oil is good and a blessing, but relying on oil is absolute evil," the speaker concluded.


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