Tehran (IP) - Iran's Navy Commander said on Saturday everything is provided at the surface and under the surface and the offensive power of the navy.

Iran Press/Iran News: Rear Admiral Amir Hossein Khanzadi, Commander of Iran's Navy, said in a press conference on the National Occasion of the Navy Day that so far "the Islamic Republic has witnessed glorious days since the very beginning of the revolution and Azar 7th(November 27) serves as the brilliant record for the Iranian navy."

He continued: "Today we have a large accumulation of technology and infrastructure that we are no longer dependent on the outside."

He added: "The 7th of Azar is the beginning of the revolutionary movement of the navy, which has continued until today. The beginning of the Sacred Defense was accompanied by the fierce resistance of the naval commandos in Khorramshahr and Pearl Operation, which paralyzed the Iraqi navy.

Admiral Khanzadi noted: "The economy of the Islamic Republic was well advanced by the navy escorting its oil tankers, and this helped the administration of the eight years of Sacred Defense in fronts."

The commander of the navy stated: "The navy's control over the sea has prevented any blockade on Iran's borders by sea."

The Navy has continued its security movement at sea since November 27, 1979. After the war, the naval construction era was formed as the sanctions began to fail.

With the progress of the revolution, the navy began its efforts to build indigenous equipment, and to this day we see that everything is needed at the surface and below the surface together with offensive power of the navy have been already prepared.

" Today we have a large accumulation of technology and infrastructure and we have no dependence on the outside.", concluded the top official.


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