Tehran (IP) - The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that it spares no efforts to establish stability and security and wave the country's flag in the distant oceans and international waters.

Iran PressIran News: On the occasion of Iran's National Day of Navy dated November 27, 2020, the Iranian Navy issued a statement and said that the day is a reminiscence of the sacrifices and endeavors of the great men who attacked the Navy of the Iraqi Baathist regime and cut off the regime's hand from the Persian Gulf. 

The statement read: "During the 8-year-long Iran-Iraq war imposed, the US terrorist army hit Iranian Sahand and Sabalan vessels, yet today tens of Sahand and Sabalan vessels have bee made by Iranian experts, who hold the legacy of the martyrs, making the other countries' commanders show respect to the fact."

On November 27, 1980, the crew of the Iranian Navy's Peykan rocket launcher exploded more than two-thirds of the Baathist regime's Al-Bakr and Al-Umayya oil export terminals during Pearl Operation.


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