Iran-Kazakhstan stress maritime, ports cooperation

Tehran (IP)- During the webinar on Iran- Kazakhstan maritime, ports, and road transport, the two countries stressed the expansion of maritime cooperation.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the Iran-Kazakhstan Maritime Transportation Webinar, which was attended by shipping, ports and roads officials of the two countries, the two sides stressed the need to continue cruises by Ro-Ro vessels between the ports of the two countries, and increase reciprocal facilities to offer port discounts, an increase in the volume of cargo and visa issuing facilitation.

The two sides also agreed on the reduction of loading and unloading time of the ship.

Iran's Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Majid Saber, also stressed the importance of continuing the recent success of ship traffic between Iran and Kazakhstan, calling it a turning point in the two countries' maritime relations.

A webinar on Iran- Kazakhstan maritime, ports, and roads transport was held on the occasion of the launch of the first Ro-Ro vessel from the Iranian port of Amirabad to the port of Kuryk in Kazakhstan so that the two countries’ cooperation continues.



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