With the opening of the solar glass production plant in Saveh, Markazi province, Iran joined the Club of Countries with Solar Glass Production Technology in the world.

Iran PressIran News: The photovoltaic glass is probably the most cutting-edge new technology and the glass is used in solar panels due to its high transparency. Until now, only the United States, Belgium, Germany, and Japan had the technology to produce this type of glass.

The first step; Meeting the domestic need for solar panels

Meeting the needs of domestic industries for this strategic product is one of the primary goals of committed Iranian craftsmen.

With the start of operation of this factory, while meeting the needs of four factories producing solar panels in the country, it is possible to export this type of glass to other countries.

Electricity of 230 villages in Iran is provided through solar panels

This product is also widely used in the building and interior decoration industry and has gained a high position in the design of modern homes today.

The annual production capacity of this factory is 35 million square meters, which leads to 3 million Euros in foreign exchange savings.

Sustainable employment, a gift for the local youth

This factory has been able to take an effective step in reducing the unemployment rate by creating jobs for the local youth.

By creating 120 direct job opportunities and 50 indirect jobs, the factory has been able to succeed in increasing sustainable job opportunities in addition to developing this valuable industry.