Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister's Senior Assistant for Special Political Affairs Ali Asghar Khaji and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad criticized the Western countries' double standards about Syria's humanitarian issues and the obstacles they have created to the International Conference on the Return of Refugees.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iranian foreign minister's senior assistant is leading a delegation to consult with Syrian officials and participate in the conference, which will be held in Damascus tomorrow.

During the meeting with Bashar al-Assad, Khaji called the International Conference on the Return of Refugees, an excellent start to alleviate the Syrian refugees' plight, and build trust, peace, and security in Syria.

Khaji also stressed the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis through negotiation and stressed the need to continue the Syrian Constitutional Committee's work.

Referring to Iran's support for Syria, Bashar al-Assad said: "International Conference on the Return of Refugees can be a good basis for the continuation of humanitarian efforts and the beginning of reconstruction and the return of security and prosperity to the Syrian people."


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