Tehran (IP) - Iran's president said that the United States’ new administration should use the opportunity to make up for the previous mistakes.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stated that Tehran has always adhered to its obligations if all parties responsibly adhere to their commitments and consider constructive interaction with the world as its strategy.

Speaking at the meeting of the government's economic coordination headquarters on Sunday, the president pointed out: "Now is the time for the next US administration to make up for past mistakes and return to the path of adherence to international obligations and respecting international rules."

Highlighting the victory of the Iranian nation's resistance in the economic war imposed by the US government, Rouhani said: "The Iranian people, through their heroic resistance, have proved that the US policy of maximum pressure is doomed to failure."

He added that now is the time to witness the promotion of security and development in the region in the shadow of cooperation and synergy between Iran and its neighbors and to follow the path of stability and economic growth of the country with as much strength and speed as possible.

Announcing that the Democrat Joe Biden managed to gain 290 electoral votes, the US media, including CNN, CBS, AP, and New York Times, introduced him as the elected US president.


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