Shanghai (IP) - The 3rd Shanghai International Import Exhibition, as China's largest economic event after the coronavirus outbreak, has provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen Iran-China economic relations in the post-corona era.

Iran PressAsia: The 3rd Shanghai International Import Exhibition, which started on Thursday, November 5, is attended by 28 Iranian companies, showing a 100% increase compared to last year.

Ramazan Parvaz, the Consul General of Iran in Shanghai, says there was a lot of planning for Iranian companies’ presence in this year's exhibition, but unfortunately, due to the spread of the coronavirus and logistical problems, this plan was not fully implemented. However, 28 Iranian companies are participating in the four main sections of the exhibition.

This year, Iranian companies have participated in technology and knowledge-based companies, carpets and handicrafts, nuts and food and cultural sectors. Still, the most participation is in the technology sector with 15 Iranian knowledge-based companies present in an area of ​​108 square meters in this year's exhibition and will introduce their products.

An opportunity to strengthen Iran-China exchanges

Referring to Iran's active participation in the 3rd Shanghai International Import Exhibition, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, said: "The Shanghai Exhibition is an opportunity to strengthen trade between Iran and China."

Keshavarzzadeh added: "Holding this event while the world is engaged in the fight against the coronavirus shows China's determination to open its market to the world."

He said: "Due to the conditions and restrictions of the coronavirus, online commerce is expected to play a significant role in this event this year."

Keshavarzzadeh stated: “This year, Iran has presented goods in both industrial and cultural categories in this exhibition.”

The Iranian envoy said: "In a situation where the world is facing a severe economic downturn, we should consider this event as an opportunity and take the large Chinese market seriously."


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